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Guys!!! Here Are 5 Ways You Create Relationship Problems for Yourself.



Women in relationships do not just suddenly lose interest in their men and the relationship they have with them.
Just as nothing ever happens in life without a reason, relationships do not just suddenly end for no reason, too.
As guys you have to pay attention to your actions because your woman does. She latches unto things you do not get right and an accumulation of this will either make her feel disrespected, disinterested or resentful.
You can’t afford to have any of that. And that is why you have to know the things to avoid doing, because many times, it is these that cause problems between you and the woman you love so much.
1. Cheat or Entertain Other Women
Women shoot their shots more boldly than ever these days and that’s fine. Matter of fact, more of that is advised because everyone deserves a shot at whatever they feel would bring them the most happiness.
However, once you have a woman, entertaining the affection or attention of another will surely cause you problems. You cannot do that.
It is worse if you go looking for that affection. That is plainly cheating and it is a no brainer that your babe won’t find that funny in any way.
2. Underappreciate Her
Women in love usually want to do all in their power to express it. They want to mummy you, nurse you, fret over you, worry about you, support you and basically love you deeply and truly in their different, personal ways.
The least you can do is to make her know how much you value her efforts. Failure to do this will cause you difficulties in your relationship with her.
3. Don’t Effectively Communicate
Inexpressive men will often, if not always, have problems when dealing with women, especially in romantic relationships.
Learn to express how you feel, how you want to be treated, what you do not want, what you want to do for her and to her, how you feel about her. Just communicate bruh!
4. Don’t Live Up To Her Expectations
Just as in number 2 above, women want to love you in their own best ways. They want to express their affection for you in ways they know how to.
They also expect to be treated back in the way that pleases them and makes them feel treasured, respected and really loved. This is the standard you should aim to live up to. It is not enough to love a woman in the general manner that many women will say yes to. You should also try to do it in a way that is special to her, a customized kind of love that is custom-made for her.
Of course, there is a presumption that she must have told you about these special needs for it to be reasonably held up against you.
Knowing and making no effort to do it for her will cause problems for you in the relationship.
An ex who texts you could be frustrating to deal with. But have you ever wondered why he or she could be doing it?
5. Immature or Irresponsible
Women want you to be this and you should. This is not a call to subject her order around or be responsible for all of her financial obligations.
When women say they want responsible men, they ask for men who can handle their emotions, men who have an idea what they are doing with their lives and the direction they want to go with it.
When women ask for a responsible man, they ask for men who understand their own selves and emotions to such extent that they can teach others how they want to be loved and treated.
They ask for men who know, understand and can handle women, have the patience and wisdom required to be with someone else in the way that relationships necessitates.
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